Death is Hilarious Podcast

The show that explores using dark humor to cope with grief, loss, and trauma. 

After my husband passed away in November of 2019, I began interviewing other podcasters and creatives on how they were using dark humor to get through their grief, loss, and trauma. It’s helped me cope, learn, educate, and – most of all – connect with others.

I’m Tawny Platis, voice actor and comedy podcaster.

Join my co-host, Sam, our special guests, and me as we find healing and relief with stories, friendship, and lots of jokes on our podcast, Death Is Hilarious.

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"Fleabag Widow" & "Lesbians and Cats:" With Tawny and Sam Death Is Hilarious

  1. "Fleabag Widow" & "Lesbians and Cats:" With Tawny and Sam
  2. The Death Deck: With Lisa & Lori
  3. “Star Crossed BS” and “Wid-Life Crisis:” With Tawny and Sam

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