Death is Hilarious Podcast

The show that explores using dark humor to cope with grief, loss, and trauma. 

After my husband passed away in November of 2019, I began interviewing other podcasters and creatives on how they were using dark humor to get through their grief, loss, and trauma. It’s helped me cope, learn, educate, and – most of all – connect with others.

I’m Tawny Platis, voice actor and comedy podcaster.

Join my co-host, Sam, our special guests, and me as we find healing and relief with stories, friendship, and lots of jokes on our podcast, Death Is Hilarious.

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Interview With Katie "The Foul Mouthed Widow" Pettigrew Death Is Hilarious

  1. Interview With Katie "The Foul Mouthed Widow" Pettigrew
  2. Interview With Comedian Roscoe Burnems
  3. Interview With Comedian Mimi Hayes

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