Black Lives Matter

We’d like to take this opportunity to use our platform in order to encourage you to listen to and support Black voices. If you need references, we’ve made this list of resources with the kind help of Masha from the podcast, Bold Adulting.

Pride Flags

  • Pride Flag SD: Queer owned and run! All flags are made with sustainably sourced American materials by hand by a team of 7. Located in our hometown of San Diego. Follow them on Instagram too, where you can follow their progress as they donate to different queer BIPOC organizations @PrideFlagSD
  • DCHomos: Inclusive Pride Flags (The popularity and reach online has given DCHomos the ability to fundraise for many local non-profits and organizations as well as become involved in sponsoring and hosting events such as the Ask Rayceen Show, events for The DC Center, H.I.P.S., and Trans Latinx DMV, Casa Ruby, SMYAL, Whitman Walker, Time Out Youth (NC) and many more. DCHomos has made a commitment to continue to uplift and amplify marginalized voices in the DC community and beyond. DCHomos really tries to keep their prices low because visibility and accessibility is important. And they’re wonderfully helpful and responsive!)


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