“Exes and Crosses” and “Hysteria”

Sam talks about their experience with a love triangle in the evangelical church, scheduling panic attacks, and emotional discipline. Tawny shares about a recent hospital stay with “Dr. Dude.”

In This Episode:

“And like, I COULD be drinking or shooting black tar heroin or having promiscuous sex but I’m just eating too many chocolate covered blueberries and breadsticks so ya know…. it really could be worse” – Tawny

“Maybe I should have kept her out of my life. She once told me, with no shame, she used to…kill…hummingbirds. She fed them to her dog.” – Sami

“As I’ve mentioned before, my husband’s death wasn’t exactly my first time at the trauma rodeo. I’ve had some health issues throughout my life that have caused me to be fairly on edge when it comes to my wellness… probably because the doctors at a notoriously shitty private healthcare group in San Diego I, unfortunately, had insurance with at the time were perfectly fine with letting me die from sepsis.” – Tawny 

“But the older I get, the more I can practically reschedule my worst emotions. This fuckery again? Oh hell no. Come back next Tuesday at 2 pm. That’s a trick I never thought would work. I’m starting to be able to schedule my fee-fees. Lately, I’ve been using a time blocking journal. It helps me manage the endless afternoons of corona time, while also penciling in regular breaks to allow myself a good pandemic cry.” – Sam

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