Tawny’s Traumedy List

“If you can’t laugh at the pain, what can you do with it?” You can’t let it make you bitter, but you can let it make you better.” -Roscoe Burnems

Tawny’s Traumedy Recommendations: My Favorite Comedies Involving Tragedy 

Help me add to the list!

Comment below and let me know what comedy/drama movies, shows, podcasts, comedians, Instagrammers, and TikTokers I missed.


  1. Silver Linings Playbook – The movie about the “crazy slut with the dead husband.”
  2. Coco – Pixar once again delivers on both the emotional terrorism and comedy front. 
  3. Moonlight Mile – All of the weirdness and inevitable laughter that surround tragic loss.
  4. Hamilton – Phillipa Soo gives an incredibly accurate portrayal of grief and loss in this musical with plenty of comedic moments. 

TV & Series

  1. Dead To Me – Christina Applegate is a suburban widow who headbangs to screamo in her car and curses loudly, further reminding us there’s no wrong way to grieve. 
  2. Jane The Virgin – MILD SPOILERS – The representation of young widows and the laughable absurdity that comes along with trying to navigate a new life is spot on. It’s a telenovela so it’s silly, sweet, sad, and super self-aware. I watched this season right after my husband passed away. 


  1. Terrible, Thanks For Asking
  2. Griefcast
  3. Good Grief


  1. Patton Oswalt –  On how grieving in public is therapeutic 
  2. JC Coccoli – A Comedian In Grief
  3. Glen Tickle – Good Grief 
  4. Kelli Dunham
  5. Pete Davidson
  6. Laurie Kilmartin – 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad
  7. Roscoe Burnems – Traumedy


  1. The Foul Mouthed Widow
  2. Mouthy Michelle – Author of, “Boys, Booze, and Bathroom Floors” & “Vodka Soup for the Widowed Soul”

Tik Tok

  1. @glitterandgrief
  2. @jessicapelatt

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