“A Dirty Bit: RBG + Sarah Grimké” & “Goo”

In this episode created just before our RBG movie night, Tawny revisits The Dirty Bits and talks about the woman who inspired Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s quote, “I ask no favor for my sex; all I ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks” while Sami talks about the goo that goes on and comes out of your body.

From The Show:

“I want to share a dirty bit of history with you tonight that gave me some much needed hope and even laughter during this dark time. So without further ado, here’s an encouraging and kind of funny story about Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sarah Grimké, and the long fight for equality in America.” – Tawny 

“I want to share an old bit of mine with you. I first performed it at a variety show put on by friends, circa 2014 or so. I may be blending memories here, since we did this kind of event more than once, but I think this happened the same night my friend recited the most angsty poem he could find while dressed as a volcano.” – Sam

“But her parents were like, “Yeah, for sure, you’re super smart hon, but advanced book learning and law are very unladylike pursuits, you’ll just need to squash those desires down and control your sinful lusting after academia. It’s really too bad you aren’t a guy because you’d be the greatest lawyer in South Carolina and like, the greatest jurist in the country. It really sucks about your vagina, Sarah, truly, so sorry.” – Tawny

“I am sorry for using the word juice in that context. That might be the nastiest sentence I have ever written.” – Sam

“And it was super easy, everyone agreed with them, they abolished slavery, and everybody lived happily ever after! Just kidding, they put up with so much bullshit.” – Tawny

“I’m not quite a Nasty Bitch because I don’t care enough about haters to try to hurt their feelings. But for that same quality I’m definitely a Cold Hearted Bitch. For a short while I was a Bad Ass Bitch, but I lost that title sometime after I quit drinking Dumb Bitch Juice.” – Sam

Also, here’s a screenshot of something we’ve been working on in the studio! Visual segments coming soon.

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