The Death Deck: With Lisa and Lori

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I (Tawny) recently sat down to talk with Lisa & Lori, the creators of the Death Deck- which is a “lively” party game that lets you explore a topic we’re all obsessed with but often afraid to discuss.

In this lighter episode, we talk about how humor can help us deal with tough topics, Lori talks about how she found her sense of humor again after loss, and Lisa shares one of her favorite memories of her Grandma B (CW, I also briefly tell how I started using humor, which includes mentioning finding my husband’s body and how that initially made me want to take my life).

Lori is a UCLA graduate who has not only worked in comedy but has held titles like director, producer, author… and widow. Lisa is a Hospice Social Worker who is passionate about helping people cope with illness, dying, and grief. The two met when Lori’s husband Joe was taken to hospice after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After initially doing some grief work together, the two went on to create The Death Deck together! Check out the game here:

And if you’d like your own Death Deck, we’ll be giving one away on Instagram this week! Simply follow us at @thatdeathpod and leave a comment on the picture of the deck for your chance to win.

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