This Week: March 8-14

Updates from Tawny

New Episode

This week I’m chatting with Shyni, the host of the Lipstick Laundry podcast, a “34-year-old widow and mother of one who started the show after all hell broke loose.” If you aren’t already a fan, take a listen to her podcast. WARNING- Shyni is hysterical, please exercise caution while enjoying. Lipstick Laundry and Death Is Hilarious are not responsible for fractured ribs due to uncontrollable laughter.

The Death Deck on TikTok

I (Tawny) will be hosting game night each Tuesday live on TikTok at 6:00 pm pst! It’s a fun death positive card game created by Lisa & Lori – recent guests on the show! Follow @tawnyplatis on TikTok to join in on the fun.

New Trailer

We’ve been animated!

New Merch

The Death Is Hilarious merch store is officially open for business! We have several designs created by your truly and products available (my personal favorites are the little skeleton dudes). Here are this week’s new designs.

New Patreon Rewards

Coloring Pages, + Digital Letter Copies – Patrons at the $5 level can download their very own Death Is Hilarious coloring book pages and the digital copies of mine and Sam’s letters from the show. This week’s page is available now!

Too Hot For Grandma, Birthday Shoutouts, + Merch – In addition to outtakes, our segments that are a little too spicy for Sami’s grammy are now available on Patreon (Sami shares about their lack of experience with the sexually explicit content). We’re also happy to be adding birthday shoutouts to the show as well as monthly merch goodies! This month we’re sending out Trauma Queen pins

We’re still trying to collect birthdays and current addresses from our qualifying patrons so be sure to check your email and give us a response when you can- we don’t want to miss you!



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