Put That Lipstick On and Keep Goin: With Shyni From Lipstick Laundry

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Shyni from the Lipstick Laundry podcast joins me in this episode to comedically share about how she isn’t super fond of the word “widow,” how losing her husband gave her the courage to be open on her podcast, living in toxic heaven as a Cancer sign with an Aries, how cursing is a form of coping, what it’s like finally finding the other dark humor widows, being judged for grieving (no matter how you do it), what it’s like being widowed right before the pandemic, how the “here’s what you were doing a year ago” photo feature sucks for widows, being receptive to husband ghost sex, Jamaican widow traditions and rituals, wearing your dead spouse’s clothes, how losing a spouse is unlike any other loss, and Shiny asks Tawny about being grateful for not having a child as a widow.

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