Dark Humor and Psychology – With Michael Drane from Unpopular Culture

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My friend Michael from the Unpopular Culture Podcast joined me over the weekend to chat about why dark comedies don’t do well at the box office, why people are uncomfortable and judgemental when it comes to using dark humor to cope, the lack of empathy from others during grief, some of the worst things people say to grieving people (and what you should actually say), validation, the echo chambers of social media contributing to society’s lack of empathy, puritanical culture dictating the common response to grief in the United States, Dia de los Muertos, taboo expressions of grief, the origin of gallows humor, dialectical behavior therapy, and how Mad Max relates to grieving. Michael is a psychologist with a background in forensics and is currently a professor at Antioch University where here teaches classes such as Abnormal Psychology, Psycho-diagnostics & Treatment Planning, Psychopathology, Developmental Psychology, and Counseling Theory.

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