This Week: March 15-21

Updates from Tawny

New Episode

This week I’m chatting with my friend Michael from the Unpopular Culture podcast! Michael is a psychologist with a background in forensics and is currently a professor at Antioch University where here teaches classes such as Abnormal Psychology, Psycho-diagnostics & Treatment Planning, Psychopathology, Developmental Psychology, and Counseling Theory. Last year we chatted about using dark humor as a coping mechanism for grief and he returned the favor by diving into the psychology behind gallows humor with me on my latest episode (spoiler – you aren’t a psycho if you use dark humor to cope).

The Death Deck on TikTok

I (Tawny) will be hosting game night each Tuesday live on TikTok at 6:00 pm pst! It’s a fun death positive card game created by Lisa & Lori – recent guests on the show! Follow @tawnyplatis on TikTok to join in on the fun.

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