The Neck Up : With Lisa Keefauver MSW & Host of Grief is a Sneaky B!tch

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Grief is a Sneaky Bitch podcast creator, host, and fellow widow Lisa Keefauver MSW ( joins me to chat about what inspired the title of her show, what it means to “live from the neck up,” how the lonely and puritanical- Judeo-Christian-capitalist-suck it up-pull yourself up by your bootstraps way of grieving in the United States does everyone a severe disservice, way “good vibes only” is bs, welcoming in uncomfortable emotions, taking comedy seriously (we see the irony), creating tension by simply being the widow in the room, feeling pressured to not bring everyone down with your mood during grief, making sure you don’t stay locked into coping strategies, staying up all night watching comedy in order to deal with grief, our mutual love for John Stewart, the shitty things people say to try to “fix” your grief, getting hit on at my husband’s funeral, and “widow rules.”

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