Interview with Comedian Shohana Sharmin

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Today my guest is Shohana Sharmin, a Bangladeshi-Canadian comedian, writer, theatre artist, and host of the podcast, “Finders Grievers.” Shohana is also the creator and a cast member of the critically acclaimed award-winning dark sketch comedy revue “Dead Parents Society.”

  • Shohana lost her mom four years ago when she was just in her 20s and stopped by to talk with me about feeling like other comedians who had lost their parents in their 20s were the ones who understood her (as opposed to peers her own age)
  • toxic positivity and being conditioned to be only happy
  • accepting sadness in order to avoid isolation
  • how weird it is needing to go to the mall right after someone dies (can relate)
  • the process behind writing sketches about death and grieving
  • needing to be in an ok place so your audience isn’t concerned for you
  • how comedy is not a replacement for therapy
  • how we laugh the hardest at things we relate to
  • why therapists always schedule sessions for Tuesday
  • why we’re self-deprecating as comedians (it’s not because we’re confident)
  • recognizing being lucky on the spectrum of support during loss, and how universal death is (at some point, someone you love will die).

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