Interview with “Sealion” Bryan Martin

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Today my guest is Bryan Martin, aka Sea Lion Bryan, who is an animal care and training specialist, widower, and fantastic dancer who can be found on TikTok and Instagram @sealionbryan

We talked about:

  • Being with his partner Clayton for four years. After Bryan’s dad passed away, four months later Clayton got a fungal infection and he had an adverse response to the medication that cause acute liver failure. He became Clayton’s caregiver for the following 8 months until he passed away.
  • It wasn’t until 2020 when Bryan noticed how many people were grieving that he felt it was time to share with more people online.
  • Clayton’s wild sense of humor, how it still informs Bryan’s own humor, and why dead husband jokes are funny
  • Why Deadpool is the patron saint of widows
  • Being ghosted on a date after being literally ghosted by your partner
  • Widows laugh because the world is ridiculous
  • The weird connotation widow/er has (it make it sound like we did it)
  • If you’ve used comedy to cope in other areas of your life, you’ll probably use it to cope with grief too
  • Using reverse psychology on the universe to get what you want
  • The difference between positivity and toxic positivity (something Bryan has been accused of)
  • The beauty of authenticity
  • We don’t talk about preparing for death enough because of shame and fear

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