Interview With Author Leslie Gray Streeter

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Today my guest is Leslie Gray Streeter, pop culture columnist, journalist, and author of Black Widow: A Sad-Funny Journey Through Grief for People Who Normally Avoid Books with Words Like “Journey” in the Title

We talked about:

  • Leslie’s book Black Widow: A Sad-Funny Journey Through Grief for People Who Normally Avoid Books with Words Like “Journey” in the Title
  • Making jokes about having to deal with the absurdities that come with your husband dying on your watch
  • The performative “sad-face-head-tilt-sigh” some people give widows
  • How some widows were able to take on 2020 in a very prepared way- isolation and having to do stuff we don’t want to do? Oh we got this. We go with the flow and have a sense of humor about it.
  • Why we feel kind of smug as widows
  • Do we have gallows humor or a desperate coping mechanism?
  • Patton Oswalt’s bit about the Polish Woman of Doom (he’s a widower!)
  • What has happened to us is absurd and absurdism is the foundation of comedy
  • How widowers are often portrayed as hot and widows are portrayed as hags in media and other double standards (this is seen on the show The Bachelor)
  • How widows are often accused of killing their husbands
  • Being an authentic sarcastic and messy widow who eats french fries out of her purse.
  • People who are defensive of our husbands… who didn’t know them
  • The pushback we receive when we don’t react how people want us to react
  • Sex and dating after being widowed
  • People project their own fears of being forgotten onto widows who find love again
  • How having deep relationships with our husbands primes us for wanting a deep connection again. Just because we want to love again passionately doesn’t mean we don’t love our husbands.
  • Our husbands told us they wanted us to find love again if they passed away before we did

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