Interview with author Kathy Benjamin

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Today my guest is Kathy Benjamin, author of the upcoming book, “It’s Your Funeral,” which aims to help demystify death, decrease your anxiety, and put the fun back in funeral. Every stage of the legacy planning process is considered, from a burial outfit to a funeral theme.  Kathy’s writing has  has received more than 100 million hits across some of the most popular humor and trivia websites in the world, including Mental Floss, Cracked, Grunge, The Smoking Jacket, and Uproxx. Kathy is also the author of Funerals to Die For.

In this episode:

  • What how panic attacks led Kathy to start writing comically about death
  • Using humor and learning everything about death gave her the ability to demystify dying
  • Why death positivity eases anxiety around the topic and gives you more control
  • Why we’re avoidant when it comes to death and dying
  • Getting kids comfortable with death and seeing bodies
  • How Victorians screwed us up when it comes to our relationship with death
  • The many different ways we grieve and mourn our loved ones

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