Interview With Nadine Menashe of Varsity Grief Squad

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Today my guest is Nadine Menashe, the creator behind the Varsity Grief Squad, one of my favorite accounts on Instagram and also where Nadine makes memes and merch about her dead mom.

In this episode:

Nadine’s mom Svetlana was diagnosed with stage 4 breast, bone, and lung cancer in September 2019. That’s when the grief process started. When she passed away in October 2020, the humor came naturally. It was the only way she was able to communicate what she was feeling

  • Processing grief and loss with funny memes
  • Humor wasn’t always something Nadine used to cope with the hard stuff in life
  • The moment that Nadine started really leaning into humor was at her mom’s funeral
  • A lot of rabbis seem to have a great sense of humor around death
  • The backlash that comes with using dark humor to cope
  • Appreciating the view of death in Judaism
  • Meeting a grieving person where they are

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