Interview with storyteller and poet Jenn Koiter

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Today my guest is Jenn Koiter- a storyteller with a background in education, nonprofit work, and technology who has taught at colleges and universities. Jenn is also the author of So Much of Everything, a book of poetry she created in order to process her complicated feelings of loss and grief that she experienced after her ex-boyfriend died from suicide.

In this episode:

  • Jenn uses her dead ex-boyfriend’s yoga mat
  • How grieving compares to dog obedience training
  • Needing to be ok with people not understanding the humor around death
  • Why people don’t understand using humor to cope with death and grief
  • The complicated feelings around someone dying of suicide after breaking up with them
  • How using humor to cope is often initially a part of someone’s personality and it’s magnified during trauma
  • Having a religious funeral for someone who was an atheist
  • How humor brings us together as mourners and connects us as a part of our grief

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