Interview with comic actress Jennifer Lee Weaver

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Today my guest is Jennifer Lee Weaver, a Los Angeles based comic actress, producer, public speaker, and widow. After beating cancer, Jennifer’s mother passed away at the end of 2017 and then her wife passed away from cancer. She’s what I affectionately refer to as a “gold star widow.”

In this episode:

  • How absurd grief and loss is, especially when so many losses hit you in a short amount of time
  • Jennifer didn’t lean into comedy right away but has recently given herself permission to use humor to cope
  • Not being able to relate to the idea of what widowhood is supposed to look like
  • Being a multi-layered human, including when grieving
  • Missing the stupid stuff like fighting with your spouse
  • When people think grieving folks are “handling everything with grace”
  • Assigning yourself meaning and purpose in a life that’s chaos
  • All relationships end in tragedy- and still choosing to love despite that
  • Not having just one person/soulmate/great love
  • Atoms, string theory, multiple realities, and matter changing form
  • Feeling like a badass

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