Interview with author Bethany Harvey

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Today my guest is Bethany Harvey, author of Dipped in It, a book where she explores the unpredictable spiral of grief after unexpectedly losing her father and openly shares the heartbreaking, gritty and unexpectedly hilarious insights that surface.

In this episode:

  • How intending to write daily gratitude posts turned into being vulnerable, honest, and funny as opposed to relentlessly positive 
  • Grief is not just being sad, we weave in and out of so many emotions 
  • How humor is a part of grief and how often those who haven’t experienced loss can’t quite wrap their heads around that (it has to do with absurdity and relief) 
  • Why we feel drawn to share on social media 
  • Feeling guilty about not being anything but positive and grateful 
  • Thinking about Coolio during the funeral 

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