Comedy Festival + Fundraiser

Something that became clear to me after creating the podcast “Death is Hilarious” was the need for more services and resources that are inclusive for all grieving people. This is particularly the case for people in the LGBTQ+, black, brown, indigenous, people of color communities, as well as other underrepresented groups such as polyamorous widows, unwed widows, and more.

So on January 31, I filed an application to designate Death is Hilarious as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization (The Death is Hilarious Grief Relief Foundation) that will provide one-on-one mentorship programs, peer led support groups, professional led groups and talks, resource connections, and podcast production services with the humorous, realistic, and death positive approach that Death Is Hilarious is best known for to individuals experiencing grief at no cost to them.

In order to be able to help as many grieving people who need our services as possible, we’re raising money to employ at least one full-time staff member to manage these programs as well as cover operational and expansion expenses by hosting a virtual comedy festival and fundraising drive!

Each donation of $25 or more will receive a ticket to the virtual comedy festival featuring comedians who make jokes about death, trauma, and loss. You’ll also receive a thank you gift from one of our generous sponsors.

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