Prolonged Grief Disorder with Katie Zicarelli LCSW-C

Several of you reached out after a diagnosis called Prolonged Grief Disorder was recently added to the DSM, so I got in touch with my friend, licensed clinical social worker, and peer support group facilitator at Death is Hilarious, Katie Zicarelli, to answer your questions and discuss her thoughts on the topic as a mental health professional and a widow. Find more of Katie’s content on TikTok and Instagram @goodgriefbites

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Dear Katie: E4 – Throw Away the Idea of Normal Death Is Hilarious

This week Katie and Tawny talked about being a human first, how long is too long to grief, and what to do now to prepare yourself for eventual grief.Every Tuesday at 9 am pacific/noon eastern, I chat with Katie Zicarelli, one of the support group facilitators at Death is Hilarious Grief Relief Foundation who also happens to be a licensed grief therapist AND a widow. Join us on Instagram Live where we answer your questions and talk about hot topics in the grief community . You can submit your questions before the show on our website at Death is or ask them during the live broadcast. Just as a reminder, this show is for education and entertainment purposes and is not a replacement for therapy. Special thanks to Jeff Jorgensen, Mary Jane Murphy, Nicole Cruz, Jeff Brower, Brian Jump, CJ Infantino, Lindsey C, Kevin McClowery, Cristina, Ruckus, Liz Moya, Sarah Long, and Trenton Bennet, our monthly donors at the $15 level. Your support helps us keep our services accessible for everyone. Learn how you too can support our mission by visiting
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