Death is Hilarious Grief Relief Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides virtual peer to peer grief support groups, one-on-one grief mentorships, content creation, podcast episodes, education, community, and resource connection- all with a humorous, realistic, and death positive approach at no cost for grieving people.

About Founder and CEO Tawny Platis

Tawny is a voice actor, content creator, and comedian from San Diego, California.

In 2017, Tawny created and produced The Dirty Bits Podcast with her late husband, George. After he passed away in their home on November 8, 2019, Tawny coped with the trauma by turning their podcast into the show now known as Death Is Hilarious. The sarcastically titled podcast explores how creatives and other people working in the grief space use comedy to cope with grief, trauma, and loss. You can still listen to every episode of the Dirty Bits on the Death is Hilarious podcast feed.

“Something that became clear to me after starting the podcast was the need for more services and resources for all grieving people. This is particularly the case for people in the LGBTQ+, black, brown, indigenous, people of color communities, and other underrepresented groups (polyamorous widows, unwed widows, and more).

So on January 31, I filed an application to designate Death is Hilarious as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization (The Death is Hilarious Grief Relief Foundation). We now provide one-on-one mentorship programs, peer led support groups, professional led groups and talks, resource connections, and podcast production services with the humorous, realistic, and death positive approach that Death Is Hilarious is best known for to individuals experiencing grief – all at no cost to them.