Game Night

We’re playing Quiplash on November 9, 2020 at 5:00 pm pst/8:00 pm est with our listeners on Kast!

Movie Night

We’re watching Yes, God, Yes on November 4, 2020 at 5:00 pm pst/8:00 pm est with our listeners on Kast!

Interview With Comedian Mimi Hayes

In this episode, Tawny sat down to chat with Mimi Hayes, comedian, podcaster, brain hemorrhage survivor and author of “I’ll Be OK, It’s Just a Hole in My Head (A Memoir On Heartbreak and Head Trauma).” Mimi talks about dumping her trauma on other humans during stand-up, a nurse with the most abrupt bedside manner […]

“A Dirty Bit: RBG + Sarah Grimké” & “Goo”

In this episode created just before our RBG movie night, Tawny revisits The Dirty Bits and talks about the woman who inspired Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s quote, “I ask no favor for my sex; all I ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks” while Sami talks about the goo that […]

Movie Night

We’re watching the documentary RBG on Friday the 25th at 5:00 pm pst with our listeners on Kast!

“Widow Jokes” and “Bi Panic”

Tawny talks about widow humor, making things awkward, her emotional service dog going on strike, and canceling her dead husband’s phone line. Sam presents a series of bi observations, including danger noodles and polyamory.

Because of Covid

If these women hadn’t been brave enough to share their realities and make me feel less “wrong” about who I am as a person (the person my husband fiercely loved, I might add), I don’t think I would have survived.

Tawny’s Traumedy List

“If you can’t laugh at the pain, what can you do with it?” You can’t let it make you bitter, but you can let it make you better.” -Roscoe Burnems Tawny’s Traumedy Recommendations: My Favorite Comedies Involving Tragedy  Help me add to the list! Comment below and let me know what comedy/drama movies, shows, podcasts, […]

“Exes and Crosses” and “Hysteria”

Sam talks about their experience with a love triangle in the evangelical church, scheduling panic attacks, and emotional discipline. Tawny shares about a recent hospital stay with “Dr. Dude.” In This Episode: “And like, I COULD be drinking or shooting black tar heroin or having promiscuous sex but I’m just eating too many chocolate covered […]


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