Laugh Or Die: Interview With “Mouthy” Michelle Miller

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In this episode, I sat down to talk with fellow San Diegan and kindred spirit Michelle Miller, author of “Boys, Booze, and Bathroom Floors: Forty-Six Tales about the Collision of Suicide Grief and Dating,” a memoir that shares how she used dating to cope with her 29-year-old husband’s infidelity and suicide, as well as the sequel, “Vodka Soup For The Widowed Soul: Stories of Grief, Alcohol, Infidelity, Cursing, and Hope.” Michelle is also the creator of my very favorite account on Instagram that shares the DARKEST memes about widowhood.

We chat about how Michelle’s story convinced me not to commit suicide, how trauma makes you funny, diving headfirst into sluttery to cope, being blamed and shamed for your spouse’s death, losing most of your friends, the weird way that Americans grieve, and other light-hearted, fluffy widow topics.


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Interview With Katie “The Foul Mouthed Widow” Pettigrew

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In this episode, Tawny sits down with Katie “The Foul Mouthed Widow” Pettigrew to chat about old acquaintances milking your spouse’s death, connecting with other people who understand your specific grief, the un-fluffy side of widowhood, the difference between dark humor and DARK humor, wearing your wedding dress to your husband’s funeral, being guilted for the way we grieve, and celebrating your wins while still grieving your spouse.

Enjoy Katie’s work by visiting and following her on Instagram @foulmouthedwidow.

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Interview With Comedian Roscoe Burnems

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In this episode, Tawny sat down to chat with comedian Roscoe Burnems about his groundbreaking special “Traumedy,” how he started using comedy to cope with trauma, his clingy two-year-old, mourning Chadwick Boseman, moving past unhealthy coping mechanisms, grieving as a guy, and much more. Learn more about Roscoe at Learn more about Death Is Hilarious at Get in touch with Tawny and Sami by emailing


Interview With Comedian Mimi Hayes

In this episode, Tawny sat down to chat with Mimi Hayes, comedian, podcaster, brain hemorrhage survivor and author of “I’ll Be OK, It’s Just a Hole in My Head (A Memoir On Heartbreak and Head Trauma).”

Mimi talks about dumping her trauma on other humans during stand-up, a nurse with the most abrupt bedside manner in the world, having a field day with a bleeding brain, using humor to avoid reality, fighting for her life, and how friends and family change during trauma.

“I have grown up with a permanent smile on my face. And then I had a brain hemorrhage. And I smiled some more. I smiled more because smiling makes you laugh. And when you laugh, you forget for a second that your brain is actually bleeding which makes absolutely no sense. Humor has always been and will always be my defense mechanism. I don’t claim to know much, but I do know this: If you can survive a brain surgery with your sense of humor intact, it’s a job well done.” – Mimi Hayes

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Interview: “Widow We Do Now?” With Anita and Mel

In this episode:

“We started a podcast called “Widow We Do Now?” Because we don’t know what to do.”

In this episode, I (Tawny) chatted with Anita and Mel from the podcast Widow We Do Now?, the show that addresses topics related to grief, death, bereavement, and moving forward through the inescapable pitfalls of young widowhood. And it’s funny too! You can listen to their show now on apple podcasts

Anita, Mel, and I talked about podcasting being a great platform for teaching and healing, learning from other people’s grief, normalizing the different ways we grieve, and creating communities for people.

Mel (38) is a musician who tours around the United States and the world (she was also the associate music director for the national tour of Matilda). She married her husband Scott (who was a theater director) when she was 33. After getting surgery for a deviated septum, Scott unexpectedly passed away just days later during his recovery in November of 2017. They had been married for just one year and 11 months. Mel then found herself homeless and couch surfing for a year while mourning the loss of her husband. She went on to overcome depression, a gnarly car accident, learn about passive suicidality, attend a lot of therapy, and get a ton of dogs. Mel also shares funny stories about tacky wolf birthday cakes, Bob Ross and Kenny G board games, and unicorn vomit. 

Anita (40) is a physical therapist, who got married at 19 and “surprise, surprise, we had an awesome marriage.” She’s also a mom to 4 kids which she admits is “crazy.” Her husband Jason, was a marathon swimmer… like he would jump in a lake and swim for 7 miles. Then, in early 2019, Anita had surgery on a thyroid nodule that was huge. The day after the surgery, Jason passed away during a swim at the pool due to an undiagnosed heart defect. A week after the funeral, she found out that the thyroid was cancerous. Anita tells us how she copes with humor, especially with fellow widow, Mel, and her sisters. 

  • “Nothing has ever been sacred, you joke about everything.” – Anita
  • “His timing of death was super stupid.” – Mel
  • “If you haven’t lived through this, your brain actually cannot process the thoughts that you learn going through something like this.” Anita
  • “The stupid doctor had an earring so I hate him forever, even though it’s not his fault…” – Anita
  • “Does this mean for Halloween I can be a black widow?” – Mel
  • “There’s a place for everyone no matter how you grieve. You grow so much as a person through grief. Loss is loss. Take care of yourself. Try to create a new you, where there’s a better you. There’s good and bad and there’s the middle – don’t lose sight when you’re in the middle. Also, eat all the sugar.” – Mel

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