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“Star Crossed BS” and “Wid-Life Crisis:” With Tawny and Sam Death Is Hilarious

Note: We’re in-between recording spaces right now so this isn’t quite our usual top-quality sound- but it will be back soon! Thanks for your patience as we make improvements. In the first episode of 2021, Tawny and Sam address the messages they received about people from the midwest interrogating people in conversation, and make jokes about how texting styles reveal what social media platform someone uses (Tawny texts like a guy), how our relationships and labels contribute to our identities, astrology in the queer community, what it’s like to suffer from chronic boredom, thinking of your life as a story to compartmentalize your trauma, the different kinds of widows you meet in support groups, trying to make friends in your 30s, and turning into Smeagol in isolation when widowed. For more information about Death Is Hilarious, visit To get in touch, email
  1. “Star Crossed BS” and “Wid-Life Crisis:” With Tawny and Sam
  2. "Ex-vangelical" and "Molly:" With Tawny and Sam
  3. Interview With "Grief Survivor" Author Marla Polk
  4. Laugh or Die: Interview With "Mouthy" Michelle Miller
  5. Interview With Katie "The Foul Mouthed Widow" Pettigrew