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"Dating Lessons For Widows" + "PTSD Fairy:" With Tawny and Sam Death Is Hilarious

Tawny and Sam are back with new stand-up! Sam shares about their new housemates, a new kitten, learning to roller skate, their therapist being fired, being gaslit for the first time in grade school, and creates traumascopes (horoscopes based on traumas) for our listeners Mary, Nick, and Paul (visit our website to get your own traumascope). Tawny shares about scaring her neighbors, getting hot over Bridgerton, her first serious relationship as a widow, her 4 top dating lessons for widows, and a new perspective on soulmates. For more information about Death Is Hilarious, visit To get in touch, email You can support the podcast by subscribing, becoming a patron at, or by simply sharing the show with your friends and on social media.
  1. "Dating Lessons For Widows" + "PTSD Fairy:" With Tawny and Sam
  2. Widowed By Covid: Interview With Comedian Rich Kiamco
  3. The Neck Up : With Lisa Keefauver MSW & Host of Grief is a Sneaky B!tch
  4. Death, Comedy, and Art: Interview With Artist Stormy Gail
  5. Dark Humor and Psychology – With Michael Drane from Unpopular Culture