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Interview With Comedian Mimi Hayes Death Is Hilarious

In this episode, Tawny sat down to chat with Mimi Hayes. Mimi Hayes is the author of "I'll Be OK, It's Just a Hole in My Head (A Memoir On Heartbreak and Head Trauma)." She’s also a comedian, podcaster, and brain hemorrhage survivor. Mimi talks about dumping her trauma on other humans during stand-up, a nurse with the most abrupt bedside manner in the world, having a field day with a bleeding brain, using humor to avoid reality, fighting for her life, and how friends and family change during trauma. “I have grown up with a permanent smile on my face. And then I had a brain hemorrhage. And I smiled some more. I smiled more because smiling makes you laugh. And when you laugh, you forget for a second that your brain is actually bleeding which makes absolutely no sense. Humor has always been and will always be my defense mechanism. I don't claim to know much, but I do know this: If you can survive a brain surgery with your sense of humor intact, it's a job well done.” – Mimi HayesLearn more about Mimi by visiting For more information about Death Is Hilarious checkout To get in touch email Support the podcast by sharing the show with your friends!
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