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interview with comedian + widow Mary Jane Murphy Death Is Hilarious

You’re listening to Death is Hilarious, the podcast that talks about using humor and jokes to cope with grief. I’m Tawny Platis, your host and founder of the nonprofit Death is Hilarious Grief Relief Foundation- an organization that aims to provide daily virtual grief peer support groups, mentorships, content, and resources for grieving people who respond to a humerous, realistic, and death positive approach, all at no cost. Learn more about how you can access our services, or support our mission by volunteering or donating at deathishilarious.comI recently spoke with Mary Jane Murphy, a comedian and widow who debuted her set of dead husband jokes during our first comedy show fundraiser for the Foundation- and I’m excited to be able to share that set with you today during this episode.Mary Jane and I talked about what it’s like working as comedian when experiencing grief and when we both started making jokes about being widowsSpecial thanks to Nicole Cruz, Jeff Brower, Brian Jump, CJ Infantino, Lindsey C, Kevin McClowery, Cristina, Ruckus, Liz Moya, Sarah Long, and Trenton Bennet, our monthly donors at the $15 level. Your support helps us keep our services accessible for everyone. Learn how you too can support our mission by visiting episode first appeared on Instagram Live. You can watch future episodes of Death is Hilarious live by following us on Instagram @thatdeathpod or by following me on TikTok @tawnyplatis. You can watch the video recording of this episode and enjoy other bonus content by visiting
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