Would YOU listen to our show?

Take a short quiz to find out what type of listener you are


What’s your favorite type of humor?


Self-deprecating, smart humor, mostly, but honestly you’ve lost your shit over the stupidest memes, too


Absurdity… cuz the world is fucked and nothing makes sense


Dark, witty humor


Humor that shocks you


How do you cope with trauma?


Downplay it to everyone else by either making jokes or not bringing it up, but also make a note in your bullet journal to talk to your therapist


Send memes with no context to your friends who are like, same


Panic internally and clean the whole house. Xanax also helps.


For better or for worse, you suck it up and keep moving


You don’t have a lot of trauma


How do you feel about the gender binary?


Gender is way more complicated than that. For example there’s intersex people who appear one way but their chromosomes aren’t what most people would expect. Nothing fits neatly in two categories, so why would gender??


It’s stupid. Gender can be anything..


It gets kind of confusing to be honest, but you’re trying your best


Like, men and women? Eh, it’s always made sense to you. But people should be allowed to live their lives. You don’t always understand it, but you’re cool with people who are different from you.


What does your activism look like?


Sharing woke ass memes to your stories on Insta and retweeting POC on Twitter. You’re immunocompromised and broke af because you’re a millennial so this is pretty much all you can offer at this time.


You make Tik Toks about being actively anti-racist, you try to make most weekend protests in your city, and you use encrypted messages to make “jokes” about eating the rich.


You charge crystals and cast spells with the help of the other witches in your Facebook groups and witchcraft subreddits. You also donate 10% of each paycheck to your city’s bail fund and leave long comments on your uncle’s racist posts.


Your office had a diversity meeting that changed your life. Now you listen to podcasts that give you tips on how to raise children who are anti-racist. You’ve also been listening to shows created by people of color.


What does “pandemic fine” mean to you?


The existential dread is at a tolerable level and you’re not currently sobbing.


It’s a beautiful day in dystopia!


Your kids have only had one meltdown and you’ve only had one bottle of wine before 5:00 pm.


You and your wife have watched all that Netflix has to offer. Everyday is Groundhog Day and nihilism is beginning to make sense.

The Results

Tally up your answers and determine if you mostly chose A, B, C, or D

Mostly As

Stock photo. A profile of a black woman standing in front of pink wall, smilling and looking to the right

Imara is 30 years old. As a millennial, the world has fucking traumatized her. She’s been through waves of hope (#metoo recognizing her struggles) and despair (the despotic carrot getting elected). She copes with this bullshit with sarcasm, wit, and dark humor. She is fed up with the status quo. She looks at her budget carefully and realizes she can afford the Patreon for the podcast, which she’s excited about so she can connect with like-minded people.

Mostly Bs

Stock photo. A close up of a nonbinary young person with blue hair and a side shave, wearing a rainbow shirt, looking down with a neutral expression

Tag is 22. As an older gen-z kid, they are jaded if not outright burnt out by the terrible future they were born into. Climate change is a direct cause of their depression. Like most gen-z kids, Tag likes fucked up, dark and surreal humor, but they also are particularly mature and smart and a little nerdy. They are down to listen to almost every episode and share with their friends. The non-binary representation is big mood, fam.

Mostly Cs

Stock photo. A hispanic woman laughing and smiling while holding a glass of wine, wearing a wedding ring. the smile looks kind of fake though

Juliana is 40 years old. She grew up in the Midwest and felt like a fucking pariah because she’s bisexual and pretty progressive for her area. Her partner died and she found the podcast. She is connecting with our other listeners through Facebook to hopefully feel less alone.

Mostly Ds

Stock photo. A middle eastern man in his early 50s with a gentle but awkward smile, wearing a nice gray turtleneck.

Ahmed is 50 years old. As a gen-x cusper, he has seen some bullshit (911, Bush, and now Trump). He’s doing a little better financially and wants to support creative people who are still fighting the good fight, since he’s so crushed by maintaining his lifestyle he can’t do it himself. He signs up for the podcast’s Patreon and catches most episodes but not all of them.