I Don’t Know Where I’d Be Without Y’all

Death Is Hilarious has been the biggest support I could imagine. Becoming a widow at 26 is honestly terrifying. My whole world was ripped away from me and I’m still picking up the pieces. I found this group through Instagram; and joined my first support group meeting a month after my husbands death.

I mean this when I say: I have no idea where I’d be without y’all. This group has changed my life for the better during the darkest time of my life. Through both the discord and the zoom groups, I have found support and comfort that I never thought I’d get. Especially as a widow grieving with dark humor, a lot of people didn’t get me. It was relieving to find people I could make my jokes to that would laugh with me instead of looking at me like I’m a weirdo.
Tawny had made me feel so welcomed and included that after my first group meeting I knew I was going to keep coming back.

And the mentorship program has been great for me too. I have my mentor who I continue to work with through out my grieving process. The match up was even better then I could have expected or hoped for. And it’s really nice knowing I have one person I can turn to and ask questions, or ask to hop on a zoom chat with me whenever I need it.

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