I’m not alone, you won’t be either

My fiancée died in early 2020. I found Death Is Hilarious almost exactly 2 years later in early 2022. I have a great support system consisting of my own family and friends who helped a lot, but they could only do so much. I searched for support groups and hopped around to a few, but just didn’t connect. I felt stifled and out of place because I was usually the only male and the only person under 55. They weren’t really providing the support I needed and I felt alone in my grief in a sad & bad way.

I was coming up on the 2 year anniversary of her death and was getting beat down mentally and emotionally, until I found DIH.
I finally found a community that offered helpful support group gatherings that addressed the whole gamut of emotions and where laughter and jokes were encouraged. I met people who are in similar situations and have similar thoughts, feelings, and grief as myself. We quickly connected and I was quickly accepted into the club no one wants to be a part of but is glad they found.

Finding this group and having a forum comprised of people at similar stages of life dealing with grief just like me helped pull me out of the hole I had fallen into and has given me the chance to understand myself, my grief, and help others with their own by simply sharing and talking. The positive effects have been noticeable to myself and my family. I have learned so much about coping and processing my grief in a healthy way from the other group members, and I am thankful for their support.

Another great thing that comes with being a part of this community is being able to unabashedly share about my fiancée and the love we shared and get sincere, supportive and loving reactions from everyone else, and then hearing about the loves they have lost and returning the support in kind.

I’m glad I found DIH, and that it’s a safe place to grieve for everyone.

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